Logic Audio help - bouncing files

Hello all

I’m new here and found you after having Applescript recommended from a Logic forum. They said Applescript might be the answer to my problem. Here it is:

We’re working on a project which involves making personalised CDs for kids. We fitted all the names in the songs in Protools, then, because PT doesn’t have offline bouncing, we consolidated the vocal tracks to WAV and bounced the backing tracks to WAV, then put the files on my Mac so I can bounce them offline to MP3 on Logic 6 (not pro). Sounds a bit Heath Robinson, but we’re trying to make this as fast as poss as it’s such a boring job!

What I’d like to know is if it’s possible to automate this task. Perhaps set up the stereo backing track on Logic, then take one vox track and bounce to MP3, take a new vox track and bounce, etc.

Anything so I don’t have to sit there doing this by hand! There are over 700 names on 3 tracks with more to go!

I’ve read a bit about Applescript, could this be the answer?

I got this reply:

Note that there is applescripts which are driving actions in the finder or in apps, and intelligent folders which have applescripts actions attached to. Your solution may be a mix of both. like:

  • Wav files in a folder W deposed in a folder A watched out for sending to your mac
  • folder content get sent (folder W get sent)
  • folder W comes in another one B watched out for logic processing
  • job worked out in Logic
  • mp3 got into a folder C watched out for burning
  • and burned

There will be the question on how to name stuff as it goes not to mix one content with another and the burning will still be tedious.

As it’s rather complex, I think you need some benevolent applescripter to help

(note, I’ve got only basic applescript knowledge, I only tried to give you an idea of how it’ll run, trust more the AS gurus!
So, are there any benevolent applescripters out there who fancy a challenge before I suffer from RSI?

Many thanks!

Model: Powerbook G4
AppleScript: 1.9.1
Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Actually I’m running OS 10.2.7 if that makes a difference, and I use Safari.

Not too many of us still have a runnable version of 10.2 mormess. There have been some serious changes to AppleScript since then (latest OS is 10.4.8).

Thanks Adam

I feared it’s time for an upgrade. Does this mean there’s no hope for me in my current setup?

What if I did upgrade?


Hi mormess,

Logic is very badly scriptable. I would frighten off doing the whole thing with UI scripting :wink:
Alternatively it is possible to use iTunes for this job.
Even in Jaguar the scripting skills of iTunes are excellent

Ok, how do I do it in iTunes?

I feel we’re one step closer each minute :slight_smile:

Everything you described in your first posting can be done with AppleScript,
but I’m sorry, this won’t be a script which is written with 10 code lines in a couple of minutes.

Maybe post your request at MacFreelancer

Many thanks for all your help, I will try Macfreelancer now.

This is all new to me so thanks for the introduction!