login and post to website

I am a middle school science teacher and have discovered the wonderful world of automator. I am having trouble doing a task that I am sure can be done.

School policy states that we need to post homework to our school website. The site is password protected and each teacher has a username and pw. after the teacher logs in, he/she needs to navigate to their own page on the site by clicking on text links. then enter the date the homework is for (more than likely the same day it is being entered) and i often “tab” to the next text box and enter the homework then click submit (a text link).

This is just a mess for me because I use Planbook (freeware for mac) and already enter what the homework is and link any word or pdf documents in my lesson plan. I am not “allowed” to use the “EdtoWeb” homework site and need to use the school site (long story involving too many people). I would be able to post all the info and then somehow transfer it all to my school site, but I don’t know which would be easier. Any direction on this would be great!

So far all I can get automator to do is open the page and press the login button (can’t get username or password in the textboxes — i think it is a java script to login)

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Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Hi there-

I’m the author of the Planbook software you mentioned (http://www.hellmansoft.com) and, while I can’t help you with the scripting side of things, perhaps I can help make the software integrate with your District’s publishing system.

If you’re interested, drop me an e-mail (you can find my e-mail at the site listed above) and we can discuss what software solution your school district uses and if there is a possibility of building some kind of export in to Planbook.