Login script using chooser - information needed please

I am setting up a lab in an elementary school that has a lab of 30 iMac/eMac computers running OS 9.2.1. We are using Panther Server 10.3 on an e-Mac to serve the lab.

Is it possible to create an Applescript script in OS 9 which will open the chooser, click on the “Appleshare” icon, then click on the “Server IP Address”, then enter “” in the field and then hit the “Connect” button?
Thanks for any help here.


This is a short script that I wrote to log into a server from our lab macs (OS 9.1). It asks for a room number since we’ve got folders for the students set up by classroom. It also sets the view in Finder to a list view. You might want to look in Chooser to find out the string that you would want to put in for “shared-directory”.

I’m kind of new at this, so it may not be the best way.


– Set room number
set RoomNumber to “Lab” as string
tell application “Finder”
– Mount the applications drive
mount volume “afp://” as user name RoomNumber with password RoomNumber
– Change the view to a list view
open folder “shared-directory”
set view of folder “shared-directory” to 2
close folder “shared-directory”
end tell

I’m trying to do the same thing, but each user has his own home folder on the xserve that I want to mount. Each user needs to enter their username and password.