LoginPro beta 0.2

LoginPro beta 0.2 is a simple AppleScript program
that you install into the startup items in your system folder.

I reccomend you use it on Mac OS 7.5 thru Mac OS 8.1.
The unlisted OSes are not preffered and may not work.

tell application "Finder"
	display dialog "Please enter system password." default answer "" buttons {"Cancel", "Try"} default button "Try" with icon note
	if text returned of the result = "LoginPro" then
		display dialog "Macintosh logged you in safely." buttons "Ok" with icon note
		display dialog "The password is incorrect. Check the password you entered and try again." buttons "Ok" with icon stop
	end if
end tell

Hint Hint:
I am using Basilisk II for Mac OS 7.5
and Truly, I use Windows for my computer GUI

Model: Quadra 650
AppleScript: 1
Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0
Operating System: Windows

Hey, I just Bought Mac OS 8.0 + Update and this script
works with what I guessed. Feel free to use this script on
your personal Macintosh.