Long shot: change desktop pattern when an app is launched

Hello all.

Does anyone know if it’s possible (or know of a script already) that can change your desktop pattern when you launch an app?

I’d like to be able to launch an app and have the desktop pattern change to an image of all the keyboard shortcuts for that app and ideally change back after the app is closed.

I have a few programs that get used a lot and keeping tabs on all the keyboard shortcuts is a nightmare!

Now unfortunately I’m no good with scripting but I’ve had some great help on here before so figured I’d see if anyone knew if this was possible.

I’m sure loads of people would find this useful!

Many thanks,

Rather than attempt to script that, you might look at an application called KeyCue

Hi Adam.

I’m not a huge fan of KeyCue, I’ve used it in the past.
I figured it out using Marco Polo though and it does exactly what I want it to.

Cheers for the suggestion anyway,

That’ll do it: MarcoPolo but didn’t think of it.