Looking a script comparable to PixPex

I am currently using PixPex which measures .eps files and creates with Xtags unanchored pix box the width and depth of the art, path name to .eps file, and an unanchored text box that is grouped with the pix box and places info in a BBEdit file. Works fine except with .tiff files. Have talked with Greg Swan, PixPex developer, Just wondering if anyone knows of any scripts that would work the same but do all types of file formats (i.e., .tiff and .eps)

I’m not a graphics expert by any stretch of the imagination but you might
want to look at Image Info. While it isn’t a “script”, it might enable you to accomplish your goals. The download includes numerous example
scripts and excellent documentation.

Disclaimer: I’m connected to the developer. :wink:

And indeed, Image Info does include a sample script that acheives this very thing. (The cheaper Image Info Lite would probably suit your needs better…)
Cheers, Dave L.