Looking for some help reading 1-wire devices

Reference: http://bbs.macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=19705

First off, a big Thank You for sharing your code, rober.

You salvaged my 1-wire project.

I have Temperature sensors working with SerialBridge and Indigo and am now working on getting readings from a DS2760 (Hobby-Boards Moisture Board). I’m using a Link45 from ibuttonlink as the serial interface.

Thought I’d check if anyone is using a DS2760 with AppleScript and might have some hints to share as I’m having difficulty confirming I’m reading the data correctly and/or converting it correctly.

TIA - Heinz

Sorry, but I don’t have a clue for anything other than temp sensing.

However, when I was setting up my system, I lost all contact with the 1-wire system for a few days, and later found out I screwed up the interface. There was nothing wrong with the system.

I would recommend

  1. first trying to just get acknowledgments back from the sensor, then
  2. testing to see if you can get differing readings, and then, and only then,
  3. trying to translate the readings.

When you get it working, I would appreciate an update on how it’s working for you, and perhaps a set of scripts.

good luck