Looking for tutorial

Hi All,

I know Applescript, but today one of my friend has told me about AppleScript Studio.

I don’t have idea how I start it or is there any tutorial available. From where I can get it.


You can find Apple’s tutorial by launching Xcode. Once there Go to the Help Menu and to the Documentation menu item. In the window that opens there will be a list of topics on the left side under the heading “Search Groups.” Click on the disclosure triangle for Applescript and click on “Tools.” In the main window there will appear a list of Applescript related documents. First look at the “Applescript Studio Programming Guide” and then (which if like me you will “live” here) the “Applescript Studio Terminology Reference.”

Hope this helps,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA

p.s.: Welcome aboard!

You have to have the docs installed though.