Looking to hire someone to help write Automator workflows...

I am looking for someone to help me construct 2 Automator workflows. One of which might be more simple than the other.

Workflow 1.
1.) Open up a raw image in Photoshop
2.) Resize the image to 600 pixels wide (keeping aspect ratio width)
3.) Create a new layer with .PNG watermark
4.) Save a copy (leaving raw image intact) as (save for web optimization) in a new directory.

Workflow 2. (perhaps a little more complex)

  • We have a flash gallery that displays our images using an XML file. The XML file has a structure where all files must be itemized if they’re to display in the Flash gallery. So the structure looks like this:

Would love to have someone who can help us create an automator or some kind of script that will automatically create lines in the XML code based on the files that are in a specific folder or directory. The resulting XML file would then be saved automatically.