loop control: continue?

Is there a way (or recommended construct) to easily skip to the next iteration of a repeat loop (while not breaking out of it entirely)? Like php’s “continue” statement?


there is a workaround with a second repeat loop
This adds all odd numbers from 1 to 20

set x to 1
set total to 0
repeat until x = 20
	repeat 1 times
		if (x mod 2) = 0 then exit repeat
		set total to total + x
	end repeat
	set x to x + 1
end repeat
total -- 100

Each loop tests whether the SkipNext variable should be True or False.

set testList to {}

set SkipNext to false

repeat with i from 1 to 10
	if SkipNext then
		-- do nothing
		set SkipNext to false
		-- script goes here !!!
		copy i to end of testList
		-- test whether to skip the next loop
		set SkipNext to ((random number) < 0.2)
	end if
	-- another place to test for SkipNext
	set SkipNext to ((random number) < 0.25)
end repeat

return testList

Thanks, both very usable and duly noted!

Since I needed way to be able bail out of the current loop at will at various points, I’ll go with Stefan’s nested loop example, as repeat 1 time combined with exit repeat looks like it does (functionally) exactly the same as php’s continue.