Mac Manger OS9 Logout Script to copy Desktop Documents to server

We finally started using MM back in January. For the longest time everyone here thought At Ease and Multiple Users local was the only way of doing things. Anyway Recently I’ve had a chance to read over more documentation for MM and realize now that I shouldn’t have allowed our users to have access to the desktop. They are saving documents there and in turn if they have to use another machine or we have to format the one they are using for some reason they loose that stuff. I think the simple solution would be to write a quick and dirty apple script to just save their desktop off to a folder in their home directory. This way it could always be accessed otherwise or even copied back with another script. I only want to do this with documents though. Has anyone tried this or have some ideas of where to start? Thanks a head of time to anyone who answers.


Do you want the folder to be in the “Users:Shared” folder or in the folder for the current user? And do you want to actually move all the folders / files into this folder? (Boy, you’re gonna tick some people off when they save to their desktop and the script sweeps it away to a folder somewhere else ! (sounds like fun, actually!)) With a stay open app and an idle handler this could easily be accomplished.

Jim Neumann

I think I want to do it in the the users current folder so its still private to that user, but its put back where it belongs ie copy the stuff to TEACHER (my mount for all teachers):USERNAME:Library:Classic:Desktop or just TEACHER:Username:Documents:Desktop_documents. I want to move all documents from their desktop apon log out into this folder. Of course a reverse action to put the stuff back when they log in would be nice but its not required. I’m not worried about aliases or other stuff because it doesn’t float too well between the different machines anyways:>

Heh they are ticked at me now because they can’t screw up their computers the way they used to and They HAVE to login. Pushing their buttons a little I don’t think will hurt me. Besides I rather it be this way then hear about it when they do loose the desktop local crap for some reason:>