MacBook Pro Keyboard Backlight

Hey there.
Im looking for a script that can control the backlight in the macbook pro

Thanks Luke

a script for the backlight in the Keybaord

Uh, I would go grab a copy of Full Key Codes and see if that registers the button on your keyboard for adjusting the brightness. Then you could tell System Events to do key codes.

Otherwise, I guess if there’s an option in a menu somewhere for you to manually adjust it on the computer, (I don’t know why there would be, but then again, you get volume buttons and you can adjust it in the apple menu :/) and you could make a GUI script to it.

EDIT: Why are you trying to script the brightness of your keyboard anyways?

I want to make the ketboard pusle.

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Thats nice mate. when im rich ill by you one

Yeah ok… I was going to let the topic die, but your not going to so now I want to know why the hell you want to make your keyboard pulse… Wtf? I guess if your looking for a good way to ruin your lcd’s thats it. :rolleyes:

Well, that’s what you sounded like. You’re looking for it, but what have you done to look for it, or attempt to build it yourself? Are you asking for help to build something, or someone to do all the work for you? What searches have you tried so far?

I think I’m just gonna put this in my sig at this point. Maybe the admins should make it required reading for an account.