MacScripter 2023 Review

This is the first in what I hope becomes a series of yearly review posts.

2023 marks the first full year of operation since transitioned from from FluxBB to Discourse.

I admit that I’m pleased and surprised the transition to Discourse went so smoothly. The Discourse platform offers a lot more statistics about the activity taking place on the site than I had previously, hence all the tables below.

Overall, we are seeing a slow decline in activity on throughout the year. No obvious explanation exists for this other than perhaps interest in AppleScript continues its decline as Apple continues to focus on Shortcuts for user automation on all its platforms.


New Moderator

Christopher Stone (@ccstone) joined Nigel Garvey (@Nigel_Garvey) as a moderator this year.

Moderation is a thankless task and Nigel and Christopher contribute a lot of their time to Please respect the sometimes difficult decisions Nigel and Chris must make to keep the site civil and usable.

Moderation Stats

Judging by the stats, it’s been a great year for behaviour on the site. We’ve had relatively little moderation activity on the site which means people are getting along.

Moderator Notifications 5
Moderator PMs 59
Moderator Revisions 181

AppleScript Status

With the release of macOS Sonoma Apple continues to keep AppleScript running and it remains a supported part of the operating system. This being said, AppleScript has not progressed in any way with the release of macOS Sonoma.

We see Apple advocating developers build Shortcuts actions instead of providing AppleScript (AppleEvent/Object Model) support in their applications. This is a significant long term problem for AppleScript’s continued relevance. Developers are unlikely to remove existing AppleScript support, but I expect we’ll see fewer new applications offering AppleScript support.

Objectives For 2024

My plan for 2024 is “steady as it goes”. I don’t see any need to make significant changes as the site is working and nobody is complaining.

If opportunities arise to improve or expand the service I’ll look into it.

When I moved to Discourse, I thought it made some sense to merge the Script Debugger support forum into since there is significant overlap. However, I’ve decided against that as the two forums serve quite different purposes and the burden of operating both forums has not been that great.

I have a pet project to provide a means of viewing Shortcuts files directly within, but this is still very much a work in progress.

Site Stats

Here are some site statistics at the end of 2023.

Topics: 41.4k (+ 616)
Posts: 232k (+ 5,563)
Signups: 33.3k (+ 372)

Site Status

2023 Statistic
New User Signups 372
New Topics 616
New Posts 5,563
Logged In Views 273,123
Anonymous Views 1,257,709
Crawler Views 6,262,550
Total Page Views 7,793,382
Likes 1,199
Avg. Daily Engaged Users 9.3
Max Daily Engaged Users 28

Top Referred Topics

Top Referrers

Here are the top sites referring people to

Site Clicks Topics 265,685 6,770 92,483 2,624 13,110 8,632 51 6,174 386 4,502 169 3,287 5 2,642 59 2,528 2,467 184

A similar downward trend in AppleScript-related posts on StackOverflow and Reddit is also demonstrable. However, in the case of StackOverflow, at least, there’s been a global downward trend in code-related posts. I’m not sure whether AppleScript posts have reduced proportionately or at a higher rate, but there’s perhaps some indication that a subset of the programming and scripting community who may previously have sought the expertise of others via online forums are likely being aided by chatGPT4, which I understand has some very capable plugins specifically for coding.