MacScripter Search Syntax

My apologies if this is an inappropriate place for this question - feel free to redirect as necessary.

Is there a correct syntax for keyword searching within MacScripter? No matter what combination of terms I try in the search box, it seems to treat them all with a Boolean “OR”, with the result that I can never hone my search down to a feasible minimum.

Is it possible to combine search terms using Boolean terms, with brackets, etc. to differentiate groupings? Or is it necessary to use the Google search option, and open a new window?


What are you trying to search for maybe we can help ?

search usually finds what i want (if not first in the list it is usually in there).

Thanks for the help. For example, the other day I read a helpful post by jj on how to access the artwork of iTunes.
Now if I wanted to look this page up again, I could type ‘artwork’ in the search box.
Entering ‘artwork’ yields 2 pages of possibilities, even if I put ‘jj’ in the author search.
Then, I remember that one of the posters described a solution as ‘kludgy’, so I type ‘artwork kludgy’, the number of hits goes up to 3 pages.:confused:

I would like to avoid double-posting, but with my current search method, I reckon the chances of me missing a previous relevant post are quite high. Maybe this is a bad example, but for such a well-designed site, I reckoned I must be missing something obvious in my search techniques. Am I?

Generally, when I want a refined search I use the Google search on the bbs search page. There you can use OR between terms to signify or, and there is no need for an AND, that’s the default.

Try, for example: jj artwork iTunes in the Google text box. You can’t put jj in the author’s box of the bbs search pane because the lower limit for characters is 4.

I am novice who needs lots of reference material. If I find the information here, I subscribe to the thread because I can return to it by clicking “Show your subscribed topics.” As I have the time, I sort through the list, organize the information, and unsubscribe - I’m a little behind on that part.

If I find the information someplace else (or if I want more immediate access to it) I copy the scipt in Script Editor with the url commented at the top and the thread pasted in the description and keep it in an “Examples” folder.

I also use jonn8n’s version of the script from this thread on - - to put scripts into Finder comments.


Just as I write this, we are working on a more advanced full text search for the forums. We should have this up by weeks end. :cool:

so the search is using a mysql fulltext index

yes :cool:

For the record: I’ve posted a basic search driver for Quicksilver.

After updating your machine with these search drivers, if you activate QuickSilver and type “Applescript BBS”, [tab] [tab] “searchterm”, the results from this board should immediately appear in your default browser.

Improvements for mere complex searches welcome !

I use QuickSilver, and find the module for searching the bbs there too. I have no idea whatever on how to get that or use it, and don’t find that info anywhere on the page you linked. Is it a plugin?


When you open QuickSilver preferences > Catalog section > Modules you should see an entry “Web Searches (from” with 369 entries (if you have enabled that).
Investigating its contents (click i-button right downside) should reveal all 369 web searches that you can do from QS. This list synchronizes with the web page I listed (in some way, I do not know what triggers it).

This should help you out !