MacScripter v2 Branding

Hi Everyone,

Work is progressing preparing for the transition from the current (which I refer to as MacScripter v1) to the new Discourse-based forum (MacScripter v2).

Here are some examples of how the new site is going to appear.

Latest Posts:


A Topic:

If someone would like to help design better branding images, please do. I just copied the existing design without the blue gradient background.

I need three images, in both light and dark mode variants:

  1. Site Image appearing in the top left header (Discourse limits us to a branding image overlayed on the light or dark theme background):

  1. MacScripter Post Identity:

  1. Site Favicon:

NOTE: The font Ray used for the existing branding is ITC Bauhaus.

Very happy to see that this is happening. Thank you!

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the update!

I really look forward to the move to Discourse.


Hi Mark.

Given Discourse’s limitation on header background, I think what you’ve got looks pretty good. The three page layouts look good too and will provide familiarity for users coming from both the current MacScripter and LNS fora.

I’m afraid expressions like “MacScripter Post Identity” and “Site Favicon” mean nothing to me. :confused: