Macworld article: Is AppleScript dead?

This might be an interesting read for the weekend :smiley:

Is AppleScript dead?

And don’t be afraid: It’s still alive :cool:

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That’s not interesting. That’s extremely disappointing for users like me who don’t have any prior programming or scripting experience. Nothing is simpler than applescript for us. Just read the script and you understand it. Edit it and start using. I would rather use Linux and save a fortune instead of using Mac without applescript.

Post your cool scripts in the forum, Martin but never post such discouraging articles.

Well, I don’t think that Apple believes it is dead yet or they would not have changed AppleScript studio the way they did. Can things be better? Sure, but a lot of that is in the hands of the developers. The tools Apple provides are good and simple to work with once you understand the basics. No need for a full blown debugger, and learning how to effectively use it. The event log and results panel work well for debugging, and with it I can easily figure out the properties I need to script most anything in programs with AppleScript support.

There’s nothing in this article that states anything good or bad, either way. Many programmers (The ones I deal with all the time anyways) HATE Applescript. The problem isn’t that it doesn’t sometimes work - it’s that they can’t think like that! I’ve shown very basic code examples to 25+ year veterans and they are dumbfounded. JSTalk, Ruby, Python, etc. are all languages that make programmers feel comfortable. (I think there’s more than a small measure of elitism and “job security” there too.)

Applescript is not going anywhere (This article is old news BTW. There was a buzz about this a few months ago when Gus M. debuted it. That died down quickly.) I think ApplescriptObjC is the natural evolution of the language (though I am still a bit ambivalent about it since I’m on Leopard still and would rather just learn ObjC).

(PS: Any conference that includes the idiotic John Welch as a speaker has to be taken with a grain of salt. about a 500 lb. grain :/)

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