MacWorld SF

My employer is willing to pay for some seminar/workshops for me at MacWorld SF. Which would you take?

2- day AppleScript Seminar

2 hour AppleScript Lab
2 hour UNIX Lab

Anyone ever attended these things at MacWorld to give feedback on their usefulness/relevance? I’m a decent “hack” at AppleScript, but I’m no StefanK or Nigel. I could probably use a re-grounding in the basics since I’m primarily self-taught (“school of hard knocks”) by necessity-driven projects. My knowledge of UNIX isn’t what I’d like it to be (as it pertains to using it with AppleScript).

Well, I ended-up opting for the two smaller labs:

LB - Getting Started with AppleScript (10-12 on 1/5/09)
LK - UNIX Scripting (11:30-1:30 on 1/6/09)

I’ve never had a proper “grounding” in AppleScript (self tought on-the-job and on-the-fly), so either that one will be boring or incredibly enlightening. At the worst, it will prove what I do an do not “know” which is always helpful and humbling. :wink:

As for the UNIX, I could use a primer on using UNIX in the MacOS, so this will be very helpful at bother an Admin level as well as AppleScript-useful.

If any of y’all plan to be at these, let me know in advance and we can chat in-person!