Mail 3.0 Archive Script

Someone wrote an Archive Script for Tiger that would run as a rule in Mail, applied on all incoming mail. It would copy the email and move it to a Mailbox titled, ‘Archive’. If the ‘Archive’ mailbox didn’t exist it would create it. The script doesn’t work in Tiger, and I cannot open it to edit in Script Editor, it was saved as run-only.

Has anyone released an auto-archive Mail script-rule for Mail in Leopard? Is anyone able to do this? I would gladly pay for such a script, as it fills a huge hole in Mail.

I know of Andreas’s Archive scripts, but they require manual archiving:

Thanks for listening!


for your purpose there is no script needed.
Define the following rule:

If any of the following conditions are met:
Every message
Perform the folowing actions:
Copy Message to mailbox: Archive

Stefan, you are the most severe Applescripting genius! :smiley:

Thanks for pointing that out! Is this new to Leopard/Mail 3, or have I simply missed that for over a year? :lol:

You missed it :wink:

Geez, I’m so embarrassed! A classic example of overlooking the simple in search of the overly complicated and unnecessary…

I don’t see any method for only marking the archived copy as read with Rules.

Is this something where an applescript rule can save the day?

the easiest way is to add an action “Run Applescript” with this script

tell application "Mail" to set read status of messages of mailbox "Archive" to true

100% StefanK, thank you!

I added that applescript in a rule following the Archive rule, and presto chango. :slight_smile:

Is there an applescript API that shows what methods are available for various apps, such as Mail? Or how do you discover what methods you can call?

Just read the dictionaries of the apps :wink:

very cool thank you! That totally opens Applescript up for me, now I’ll just need to get a grip with the syntax. I’m an AS3 programmer, so find this natural sentence syntax, and procedural scripting to be new & scary territory!

I’m gonna tell application “Mail” to open application “iTunes” and tell application “iTunes” to begin playback of “Henrietta” = ]