mail - addressbook integration

I have a script that used to work on Jaquar and now that we have panther it does not work. Occasionally in Jaquar it would add an address even if the address already existed but it always worked. Now I get a an error message and it does not execute.

It takes info added to a a website form and that form’s contents are sent to my email account. I retrieve my email in Mail and when I choose the inbox I may have 10 or 20 people that filled out the form and if I highlight all the mail in that inbox I can go to the scripts menu and choose a script we wrote and it will add all those contacts to our address book application. And all the firlds go to the correct area and it checks to see if that person is already in the addressbook and if so it won’t add them again.

Used to work but now it gives an error message.

Anyway we need this asap as our company raises money for research via this mechanism. So any help would be appreciated.

I would like to upload my script so someone could fix it.



I you ever got this to work, can you send me a copy? I need to do a very similar thing and think I could tweak it to make it work for my needs. Thanks.

Model: iMac
Browser: Safari 412.2
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)