- Reply using the Recipient address as the From address


in the ongoing battle against spam and data theft and for non-business stuff, I’ve started to use a dedicated domain name + email forwarding, generating a unique email addresses for each website/user that I need one for. I should probably have done this years ago, when I first thought of it, but better late than never.

However, this poses a typically irritating Apple style problem. When someone sends me an email using one of these ‘unique’ addresses, I cannot use that address as a ‘From’ address for my replies … unless I kludge it, by adding all these unique addresses, comma separated, to my Mail account preferences (I really don’t want to have to do this).

Using a Reply-To address doesn’t help either, because the From address is still used in the header, so effectively negating my efforts to block it from general use.

I have hunted around here and found this script by the incredible StefanK, which almost does what I want, but I haven’t managed to make it work.

What I want is simple :
1/ Select a message
2/ Generate a reply using the message’s ‘To’ (recipient) address as the ‘From’ (Sender) address in the reply.

Any help much appreciated in my ongoing battle against the baddies.