Send this message back to me in X hours (days, months,)

Hello, and forgive me if this asking too much of a script,

I’m a big fan of Boomerang, an add-on for GMail that will “snooze” a message, ie remove it from the Inbox and send it back at whatever time I specify.

My only problem is that I don’t want to use a browser to handle email.

So would this be feasible with Mail and an Applescript?

Or is sending-themessage-back-to-me part going to be too dicey?

Hi there,

There maybe a way of doing this using 2 scripts:

Script 1:

moves any selected messages from your inbox to a different mailbox folder and marks it as read. The id of the message is stored and written into a text file. A dialog would allowing you to input the date & time that you want to be reminded. An iCal event would then be created to run script 2 on the date & time you specified.

Script 2:
Is run by iCal on the specified date & time, which looks up the id of the message from the text file, moves the message back into your inbox and marks it as unread, maybe even get it to display a dialog.

Hope this helps.