Mail Challenge (reply to certain messages using specific criteria)


I hope that some of you may see this as a challenge, as I have no veritable idea as how to do this.

Is it possible to automatically reply to certain emails (within but using a specific word from the text as the subject line? The word to be used would be different every time, but the “location” of the word is always the same, i.e. it is always preceeded by the same words.

Obviously the first part, i.e. the triggering of an Applescript if certain criteria are met, is easily done from within Mail itself, but the rest…?

well, I’d be very thankful for any suggestions!

many thanks,


First off Welcome to macscripter. You will find lots of good information about applescript around here.
Your script can absolutely be done. You’ll want your script to go through every incoming message and read its contents and if its contents contains the the criteria needed then have it reply to the email :slight_smile: of course I think you already established that. So my next move would be to get that script started (the dictionary is your friend) also in the applescript folder of your applications folder there are examples of many apple script including mail exmaples they should help you get started also there are many examples of code on this site if you do a search for mail. If and when you get stuck post your code here and ask for help, and then we can all give you a hand.

hope this is helpful