mail content into csv/excel file - help please!

Hi, I’m pretty much a complete new-comer to Applescript, but i have a certain amount of scripting experience.
I have a huge pile of emails from a soupermail survey…
typically they look like this:

SoupermailConf = /zyen/msc/sf7.con
next = finish
personal_activities = Only prize draw entry
personal_address = Street
County Postcode
personal_email =
personal_invite = no
personal_name = Xxxxxx
q10 = in a relationship
q11 = young children
q12b = Eat out at restaurants at least once a month
q12j = buy environmentally friendly ethically produced products
q1a = agree
q1b = agree
q1c = strongly disagree
q1d = strongly disagree
q1e = strongly agree
q1f = agree
q1g = agree
q2a = no
q2b = no
q2c = yes
q2d = no
q3g = not willing to join
q6r = not a member of any
q7e = General magazines newspapers
q7h = TV documentaries
q7i = TV news
q8 = male
q9 = 41 65
q_ver = 1

…and i need to convert about 2000 of these into a csv file.
Not all the emails have all the fields (if they were left empty, they didn’t come though in the email).
I’ve been fiddling around in BBedit but I’ve had no particular luck so far, so I though Applescript may be a better bet.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

osx 10.2.6

There’s probably a better way to do this but this should get you started: