Mail Question

I am trying to write a script for sending an email. I use it for error reporting in my script (among other things). The problem is not all the users are working with the mail program from apple, so i need to find an other way of sending mail.

So I thought of using the osax Xmail, let my installer script put this in the ScriptingAdditions folder and use that.

It works, but still have one problem, and that’s the SMTP server. It will be send from different locations, so the IP nummer from wich the mail is send is not matching or own IP nummer, so the mail is refused.

How do i solved that, anyone have a idea? Are there providers that don’t look at the IP number or must i contact my provider to solve this problem?

Well your options are to either speak with your ISP and ask them to allow any authenitcated SMTP traffic (or provide them with a range of address) or enable postfix on your Mac(s) and run SMTP services yourself locally.

Yep, the first I think, because the script will work on a lot of different computers.