Mail Script Questions

I’m stuck. I have a problem with moving messages from one mailbox to a non existant folder (this is where I’m having a problem) where I need one to be made.

 set themsg to message x of mailbox "LoveBirds/New"
  set mailbox of themsg to mailbox "LoveBirds/Acct/<newName>"
on error
  make new mailbox at location "LoveBird/Acct/" named newName
  set mailbox of themsg to mailbox "LoveBirds/Acct/<newName>"
end try

:rolleyes: I have to be close

I’m going krazay! I need to go to bed… the suns coming up. zzzzz

I’ll give it a shot but it’s hard to tell what’s going on without knowing the details of your variables. Being a long time Eudora user, this is relatively new ground for me. :slight_smile:

	set mailbox of themsg to mailbox "LoveBirds/Acct/" & newName
on error
	make new mailbox with properties {name:"LoveBird/Acct/" & newName}
	set mailbox of themsg to mailbox "LoveBirds/Acct/" & newName
end try

– Rob (who hopes he squashed some krazay-ness) :wink:

Thanks Rob, After getting a great nights rest I sat back and looked at that example Rob… Yes the question for me is how to create a new mail box within another mailbox.
I tried you code Rob and it didn’t work.
I do have the mailbox “LoveBird” and child “Acct”
I’m trying to make the mailbox “Jones” within “Acct” within “LoveBird”

 tell application "Mail"
make new mailbox with properties {name:"LoveBird/Acct/Jones"}
end tell

I was really hoping that worked but in return of doing nothing doen’t even error out or give any result.

Strange. Sure wish apple could install a dictionary or more samples
Krazay 8)

Ok it did work but the mailboxes did not appear until I quit Mail. STRANGE…Kewl and it workes! maybe a line of code to make it visible… that will be next… :slight_smile:

Thanks Rob! with proprties {Name:“Krazay”, shape:“Way Better!”}

I’m glad it worked. 8)

What I find odd is that during my test, the new mailbox showed up immediately, with no quit/restart required. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I use Mail only to test scripts when someone is stuck, meaning that it has very few messages and mailboxes to deal with.