mail script to schedule delivery

Hi all-

I am looking for a way to use an applescript to send an email at a certain time I choose. I have found a script ( that claims to do this, but I have not seen it work after a few days of messing with it. What I would like to do is write an email message and save it in my drafts box and then select it and run the script. The script would make an iCal event in a certain calendar and the alarm would be a script to trigger the sending of that particular email.

So as I try to write this script, I am lost on how to uniquely identify the mail message for the iCal alarm. Any ideas would be great. Thanks for all the help.


I had a similar problem and found a solution.

The script which wades through iCal events to find the one which triggered it is here:
It should be easy to adapt (just ignore the comments; the code is really just a few lines at the very bottom).