Mail threading and interface

Does anyone have any good ideas how to have user input in a mail rule called script (i.e. that is threaded and has no context for user input)? When I try to do “display dialog” of any type in a script that has

using terms from application "Mail"
	on perform mail action with messages theMessages

to allow threading, it crashes both the script and mail!

Is there a way around this while preserving threading? I tried to have other apps display the dialog, by doing a “tell Finder” or such, but it still crashes.

Thanks in advance.


AppleScript is not threaded, so I think the answer to “Is there a way around this…” is very probably no. When a script puts up a UI, it stops cold until the UI is dismissed, which freezes whatever it was trying to do for Mail - to Mail, it’s unresponsive.


If you are just displaying information and not waiting for a response you could use ‘ignoring application responses’. The flow of the script continues once the alert or dialog is displayed.

The only application I could get this to show the dialog in was the Finder though:

tell application "Finder"
	ignoring application responses
		display alert "Alert message window"
	end ignoring
	ignoring application responses
		display dialog "Alert message window"
	end ignoring
end tell

Best wishes

John M