Maintain Quicktime Full Screen View


I’m working on my master’s thesis project, which involves showing short films I have made in a poor inner city neighborhood of Miami to the residents of the neighborhood via touchscreen interactive multimedia kiosks. The kiosk does not have a keyboard or a mouse. Viewer input is only through the touchscreen.

An example of the movies is here:

Long story short, I need to find a way to ensure that while a Quicktime movie is playing in full screen mode that it will not close or change out of full screen even if a viewer touches the screen.

I’ve posted elsewhere asking for help disabling mouse input, to no avail. But if I can simply preserve the full screen view of the quicktime movie even if the screen is touched (equivalent to a mouse click), that would also solve the problem.

Thanks so much.

The kiosks are running on Mac Minis, OS 10.6.7.

Model: Mini
Browser: Safari 533.19.4
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)