Make a Burn Folder on your desktop for each selected item

I was going through some large files that i wanted to put onto cd’s and have the disk label set to the same name as the item with out having to copy and paste it, so i came up with this action that

for every file it

  • creates a burn folder on the desktop with the name of the item
  • puts a symlinked (alias) file into that folder

settings are
action : run shell script
shell : /bin/bash
pass input : as arguments

for f in "$@"
	N=`echo "$f" | sed 's/\..*//g'| sed 's/\([^\/]*\/\)*//'`;
	cd ~/Desktop ;	
 	mkdir "${N}.fpbf";
	cd "${N}.fpbf" ;
	ln -s "$f" . ;

i saved it as a plugin and its automatically in the contextual menu. so the finder automatically passes the arguments