Make a document window First Responder without using Windows Menu

I’d like to be able to make a specified document window first responder by selecting it’s name in a table rather than choosing it in the Windows menu. How do I reference a document window by name?


I figured it out, in case it might help anyone else - you never know.

In the Document script:

property theFirstTime : true

    on windowDidBecomeKey_(aNotification)
        set theOpenWindow to aNotification's object
        if theFirstTime = true then --is it the first time the window appeared (file just opened)?
            current application's NSApp's delegate()'s registerLog_(theOpenWindow) --calls the method in the App Delegate script
            set my theFirstTime to false --so it only happens the first time the file is opened
        end if
    end windowDidBecomeKey_

In the App Delegate script:
property openFileList : {}

on registerLog_(theOpenFile)
        set my openFileList to openFileList & theOpenFile --make a list of the currently open document windows which populates a table
end registerLog_
on selectedRow_(sender)
        tell theArrayController1
            set theSelectedRow to selectionIndex() as integer + 1 --the row number which correlates to the item in the list
        end tell
        (item theSelectedRow of openFileList)'s makeKeyAndOrderFront_(me) --makes key the document window selected in the table
        mainWindow's makeKeyAndOrderFront_(me) --returns key to the window with the table
end selectedRow_

So now the first responder is the document window I selected in the table and the key window is the main window with the table containing the list of open files.

If anyone sees a better way please let me know. If you can make a window first responder without making it key I could skip the step of making it key and returning key to the main window.