Make alarms in ical

I made a script that take informations from a FileMaker databse and create events in iCal. I can create event easily but i Can’t put an alarm on my event. An extract of my script is following

set LeRDV to (make event at end of events of currentCal with properties {start date:DateRDVDebut, end date:DateRDVfin, summary:Entete, description:NoteDeRDV})
set MesAlarmes to display alarms of LeRDV
make new display alarm at MesAlarmes with properties {trigger interval:-15}

Could you help me please.

Chris from Paris


Here’s and example:

set cur_date to (current date)
tell application “iCal”
set home_cal to (first calendar whose title is “Home”)
make new event at end of events of home_cal with properties ¬
{summary:“hello”, start date:cur_date, end date:cur_date}
set new_event to result
tell new_event
make new display alarm at end of display alarms with properties ¬
{trigger interval:0}
end tell
end tell

Why they added that ‘end of’ stuff I don’t know. The container should be the object that contains it and not a threaded list.


Thank you very much for your answer. It works very well !

Chris from Paris