Make applescript not force quitable

I have an applescript that I run for “startup itmes”
OS 10.2 and OS 10.3 machines.
Is there a way to disable the force quit application?
or is there a way to disable the whole force quit window?

The script is designed to have user input information, but
I don’t want the user to be able to by pass this app so they
can get to the desktop. Either they input the info, or
they log back out.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Take a look at this other post:

It’s about hiding the app icon from the dock, but the fix for that also hides the app from the Force Quit dialog.

The easiest solution (this was posted in other threads that seem to have been lost in the updates to the site last week) is to use “Drop Script Backgrounder” by James Sentman: