Make files names lowercase

I have a directory with around 900 files, all the filenames are CAPITALIZED; I need to make all of them lowercase so that my Unix webhost will accept the files! I am waaay to lazy to rename all of them, so I’m hoping you people can help me.

I know this isn’t an AppleScript solution, but check out “Better Finder Rename.” It can work through a folder and it’s sub folders and change case, do grep search and replaces, etc.


This should do the trick.

tell application "Finder"
	choose folder with prompt "Choose a folder which contains files whose names need to be converted to lower case."
	set fileList to files of result
	repeat with thisFile in fileList
		do shell script "echo " & quoted form of (name of thisFile) & " | tr \"[:upper:]\" \"[:lower:]\""
		set name of thisFile to result
	end repeat
end tell

You might also try “Name those Files!

That really helped, thanks! :smiley: