Make Multiple Finder Windows

Is it possible to make this into one line

repeat 4 times
	tell application "Finder" to make new Finder window
end repeat

Something like this?

tell application "Finder" to make 4 new Finder windows

It seems like I have done this before but I just spent an hour and a half trying to figure out how and my google skills have failed me. :rolleyes:


If you can make that to work in one line, then you’d rather use the code you started with, as it won’t be much editable.

If you insist, then you could run a do shell script, that ran an osascript in a loop 4 times.

do shell script "for i in 1 2 3 4 ; do osascript -e \"tell application \\\"Finder\\\" to make new Finder window\" ; done"

Is there some reason you want it in one line?

I was hoping to speed up the process a little and make that simpler to type and read since I make multiple Finder windows in AppleScripts all the time. Making Multiple Finder windows is something I can count as the slowly load about a 3 windows made tops per second.

I don’t believe there is such a thing – the default animation probably takes 0.2 seconds each. If you select several folders and double-click on one, you’ll see it takes time – there’s unlikely to be any magic way to eliminate that.

But it’s probably worth pointing out that your too wishes – faster speed and less to type – are really unrelated, and oftentimes one comes at the price of the other.

Okay good to know and thanks for the insight and help, always appreciated.