Make new event very slow


It is taking 7-10 seconds to make a new event in Calendar whether the calendar is ‘on my mac’ or in iCloud.

I have 14 calendars. I am trying to make new event on 2 calendars that have 0-40 events in all.

The speed of this command was acceptable in previous OS X versions (before Mountain Lion I think).

Why is it so slow now?

This code takes 7.5 seconds or so to run:

tell application “Calendar”
tell calendar “Untitled” – no events in this calendar
set s to date “Tuesday, 1 September 2015 00:00:00”
make new event at end of events with properties {description:“Test”, summary:“Something”, start date:s, allday event:true}
end tell
end tell

Any ideas?


Model: iMac 24" Early 2009
AppleScript: 2.4
Browser: Safari 8.0.7
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)


I’m having the exact same issue! :frowning:

Did you ever get it figured out?



Hey Pierre,

We’ve been talking about this very issue on the Applescript Users List.