make new mailbox in exchange account

The following script works for all types of accounts (IMAP, POP, Exchange 2007, Exchange IMAP) in Mail app without any errors

tell account "accountName" to make new mailbox with properties {name:"Mailbox1"}

However, for Exchange 2007 account, the mailbox is not syncronized with the exchange server, so the messages moved there (and the mailbox itself!) do not appear in other email clients - basically exchange server did not see that mailbox. (by the way, messages moved to that folder from the application UI, are visible, while messages moved using script, are not visible - only message counter is increased)

if I create it from menu, Mailbox->New Mailbox, Mail application itself, has no issues with the mailbox, but mailbox, created using script is not syncronized properly.

Is there a way to make this work (maybe, specifying extra property) or any other way?
except maybe ui automation is not an option for me.