Make phone call from FileMaker Pro

i used the following applescript to make phonecalls with my computer out of my filemaker database (I have to do many calls and dont want to dial manually):

local thenumber
tell application "Finder"
	copy (the clipboard) to thenumber
end tell
copy "*67,1-" & thenumber to thenumber
tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	ignoring application responses
		tell application "Internet Connect" to connect configuration "Telephone" to telephone number thenumber
	end ignoring
	display dialog thenumber & return & "Dialing in Progress: Disconnect?" buttons {"Disconnect"} default button 1 giving up after 10
	tell application "Internet Connect" to disconnect configuration "Telephone"
end tell

This worked very well with OS X version 10.1.5. But now with version 10.3 (Panther) it does not work any more… I always receive the errormessage “No Phonenumber entered”…

Is this because the application “Internet connect” changed somewhat in 10.3? What can I change in the script in order to make it run again?

Thanks for any help!

I have not had much success using FMP or Internet Connect to make phone calls so I wrote my own app to just that:

Jon’s Phone Tool

It is scriptable and includes many example scripts including dialing from FMP (among other apps).