Make Safari launch images in Photoshop instead of browser window?

Hi, I’m new to these forums (and also to Applescript;)). I don’t have an Applescript problem per se, I just want to know if the following can be achieved using Applescript:

I want to have Safari launch jpg images in Photoshop instead of having these images displayed on the browser window. Of course I don’t intend for Safari to have this behavior with every image it displays (ie tags) just with images that are accessed via a link, such as Download image. I know this sounds bizarre, but it’s a requirement for a web application we’re developing here at work.

I hope this is not too confusing, basically, what I want is something similar to launching a .pdf in adobe reader instead of using the built-in pdf plugin in Safari. I know IE5 Mac and Opera can be configured to allow this behaviour with several mime types, but Safari doesn’t seem to have that feature… So, can it be done with Applescript? And if so, could you give me the basics of how it could be done? thanks