make sure only certain apps are running.

I have found a few scripts that will let you know if an app is running, but I need to make a script that makes sure only certain apps are running. (However, They don’t have to all be running) I’m assuming I would have to set a properties list and do something along the following lines.:

  1. Set a list of apps I don’t mind if they are running or not. I.E [Set myApps to (finder, app1, app2)]
  2. Check and see what apps are running.
  3. If all apps are on the list of MyApps, move on.
  4. If not, display dialog " You have apps running that shouldn’t be, quit before moving on.)

I would like the script to return a list of the apps that are running that aren’t on the list. However, this isn’t a necessity.

Any ideas?

thanks craig.