Making a preference window with toolbar like in

Hey everyone,

I’ve been looking at Applescript Obj-C but I don’t quite master it, of course.

I’m trying to make a preference window like the one in (good example of what I’m looking for), which resizes subviews when the toolbar is clicked.
I managed that just fine in ASS but I have no clue how to do it in Applescript Obj-C :frowning:

Can anyone give me a hand ?

Thanks so much in advance :smiley:

You set up your subviews, then when you want to show one, you resize the window and use its setContentView_ method to replace the old subview with the new one. You probably want to do the resize using setFrame:display:animate:.

Take a look at this framework

This: should be a good example of resizing and tabs (in App Delegate script), however I notice some difference in the behaviour if using a white background.