Making a Script Autorun on Login for Any User!!! HELP!

i have an applescript written to automount the home folder of the user logged into the machine. now i need it to execute for any user who logs in. i cant set it up through Preferences/Login Items because whatever item is placed in there only executes for the User logged in at the time.

i found something on the internet about editing a file called /library/preferences/loginwindow.plist

i tried pointing the path string to the script i wrote but its not working in the format i put it in there.

it reads something like this:

AutoLaunchedApplicationDictionary hide path /Users/Shared/

does anybody know about this file and what i might be missing to execute this script for all users?

If im on the wrong path maybe someone can give me a suggestion on how i can autorun this script after login.

I think you must create a StartupItem and place it into /Library/StartupItems/
You will need some “simple” shell scripting…
Never tried, but you can find here some info:

Also, you can find here some info to auto-mount volumes at startup:

Good luck!