Making PrefPanes In ASStudio

I am trying to make a preference pane (for the system preferences) that is powered by Applescript.
Here is what I did and what went wrong…

  1. Opened Xcode, clicked "New PreferencePane "
  2. The project opened and was created successfully, i did a quick build, opened it in SystemPrefs and it worked.
  3. I added some normal objects (a text box a button and an input), built it and it worked in SystemPrefs (everything displayed correctly)
  4. I then wanted to add some functionality (rather than buttons doing nuthin) so i made a new as file (file/new file…) the back in IB I clicked the button the in inspector I clicked the AS tab and then selected the “OnClicked” thing then ticked the “My New As File”.
  5. In my as file I added a simple display dialog “It worked!” in the OnClicked handler, built it, tested it and when I clicked it in System Pref it froze, forced quit it the tried again, it worked but only a blank page was displayd.

Please help!! Thanks in advance :smiley:

You won’t like the answer!

You cannot build Pref Panes with Applescript, even though the “Applescript” tab shows up in the Inspector. The only projects that allow AS are “Applescript application” and “Applescript document-based application.”