making text part of display dialog like password field

I have a script that needs to connect to a server if not already connected. If the volume isn’t mounted I want the script to ask for the user name and password. When I started writing the script I realized that when the password is entered, the password is clearly seen. Is there anyway to make it so just dots appear like most password fields? Thank you for any help that you can offer.

You can try mounting the volume without a username/password, then the standard OS authentication dialog will do the job. Eg:

mount volume "afp://"

that worked pretty good, except that it mounted the volume without asking for any user name or password. The volume was mounted, but it was locked from me. Since I didn’t actually log in, I don’t have access priviledges. Are there any kind of parameters for the mount voluime command? Thanks again for any help

Oh, yes, sorry:

mount volume "afp://username:@"

The standard method for authentication is protocol + “://” + username + “:” + password + “@” + server. In this example, the system should request the password for the user “username”.

great!! I can do exactly what I want to do now. I just get the user name from the display dialog and then mount volume “afp://” & userName & “@” & myVolume. Thank you very much.