Mass resizing of Multi Ad Creator files

Hi all

I am really out of my depth here! Hope someone can help me…

I am part of a project at my company to investigate the quickest and easiest way to open Multi Ad files and resize them, including resizing the content to fit. The size change is only a width change but we have thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of files that would need to be resized. We are looking at upgrading our software at the same time, so the options we are looking at are going from our current versions of Multi Ad to the new version 8 Multi Ad, or ideally switching over to InDesign CS6.

We’ve been researching a way to convert .muad files to .indd files but the below process is the only way we can seem to get it to open. Manual resizing (or possible use of liquid layout) is what we could do to update the sizes, but if this can be automated to would be amazing.

Open previously created MultiAd EPS file in Distiller/Acrobat (set with a PDF profile to match Ad Production).
Open PDF in InDesign CS6 using Markzware plugin (to make the PDF editable in InDesign).
Artwork opens and then links fix themselves and if required, ad resized to new four column size… There are multiple old and new sizes so there will need to be some input from the operator to tell the script which size we are changing to.

I am wondering if it’s possible to use an AppleScript to do this for us? I haven’t used it before and wouldn’t know where to start in writing one. It will be complicated as we not only have to tell Multi Ad to create EPS’s then distill/PDF them in Distiller/Acrobat with particular profiles, then tell InDesign to use a plugin to open the PDF’s to make them editable native files, and THEN ask InDesign to relink the images, resize the document as well as resizing artwork proportionally to fit.

This would be our ideal world. Alternatively is to keep with Multi Ad and write a script to open the old files into the new version, and resize. (But I want InDesign!). A third alternative is to have a script to open the MultiAd EPS files in Illustrator but is a poor choice i believe for a page layout program.

Any ideas or input would be fantastic, I am a designer so am not that great with the technical side of things.

Thanks all!