Match images with SKUs in table

I’m a long time mac user but just recently discovered Applescript, TODAY! Looks amazing so far but I need some help to accomplish a simple (I think) task.

I have a spreadsheet in numbers full of products (sku, price, blah blah blah). I have a folder full of images for all these products. The images are titled beginning with the sku followed by extra info like a _1 or _detail or -closeup etc.

I want to basically create a script that will go through this spreadsheet, look at the SKU in each row, then find all the related image files within a specific folder (folder has subdirectories) and insert all matching filenames into a column next to the SKU, separated by a semicolon.

For example,

sku gallery_images

abcd1234 abcd1234.jpg;abcd1234_1.jpg;abcd_detail.png;abcd_closed.gif
defg5678 defg5678.png;defg5678_2.jpg;defg5678-lifestyle.jpg
hijk91011 hijk91011.jpg;hijk91011-2.jpg;hijk91011-5.jpg

Any and all help would be much appreciated.

fixed here