Maxbulk Mailer script problem


I have been using the following Applescript for yonks

tell application "my drive:Applications:MaxBulk Mailer:MaxBulk"
   SelectList "x"
   end tell

But all of a sudden (since Mavericks ?), when I want to modify it, “SelectList” provokes a Syntax error. Putting in a return after “SelectList” enables the script to compile, however the problem is not resolved as there is a new error message

Could someone explain why this has stopped working and what can be done to get it up and running again ?

I haven’t found the solution yet but I think I’ve found the source of the problem. Every time I try to open the dictionary of Maxbullk Mailer in Applescript Editor, the editor crashes. Trying to navigate to Maxbullk Mailer via “open dictionary” just gives me a never-ending spinning beach ball and if I try to drag and drop Maxbullk Mailer onto Applescript Editor I get a message saying that the application isn’t scriptable. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

I think you can’t. Was the app updated for 10.9? Was it scriptable before? If it was, the dev did not update or test scriptability.