Memory deallocation error

Hi Folks

On my continuing efforts to learn ApplscriptObjC, I have been converting various examples/lessons
from an ObjectiveC book to ApplescriptObjC code, but with the latest example conversion I am getting
what would apear to\be a memory alloc error.

Speakline(2374,0x106d8d000) malloc: *** auto malloc[2374]: error: GC operation on unregistered thread. Thread registered implicitly. Break on auto_zone_thread_registration_error() to debug.

this error code comes up in the debug console when I call the NSSpeechSynthesizer mothod speakWithString:

the code I have works in so much as it does speak the passed sting, but this error then appears but does not
crash the app.

any ideas on this one would be great.

Also any thoughts on memory management in ApplescriptObjC, as I noticed that the Objective-C code uses
dealloc methods, and release calls on its objects, is this kind of memory management required with ApplescriptObjC ?

Regards Mark

Regards Mark

No it isn’t, like with OS X development in Objective-C either. The garbage collector will look if there is an object in use, when no objects are used it will free the memory for you. When programming Objective-C you can choose to turn the garbage collector on or off, but it can’t be mixed. When programming AppleScriptObjC the garbage collector is turned on, so no memory management needed.

OK Thanks DJ

so my error is not down to me not freeing up memory, if the garbage collector is on by default in
ApplescriptObjC projects.

Oh well, so it’s my code at fault in this case.

Regards Mark

The problem is a bug in one of the frameworks; there’s nothing you can do about it. Fortunately the “Thread registered implicitly” part is telling you that the problem has been caught and rectified.

OK Thanks Shane

Although a newbie to ApplescriptObjC, after double checking my code, and the documentation,
I started to suspect it was a Framework glitch, so I am grateful for an experienced hand confirming
this, so I can now stop racking my brains out with this test project.

Thanks again

Regards Mark