Menu Bar App Icon Change

I followed an old thread here to get a menu bar app running.

See post number 7 on this thread. Great guide.

But I can’t seem to get the icon to change to a alternative icon.

In the guide it says put…

aNotifcation's actMenuIcon()

…into your app delegate to get the icon to change. But when i try it I get the error

Ive tried a lot of different things to try get it working but Ive never had any luck.

Anyone have any idea where I’m going wrong? Im guessing its somehow related to getting the app delegate to see the variable in the separate menulet class file.

Thanks for any help! And thanks to elgabo for the original guide. :slight_smile:


have you followed all instructions in post #6 ?

Yeah, will go through again and check if I’ve missed anything now.

Everything seems to be there yeah. Wondering about these two steps.

in 7a when it says “Application Icon in your MainMenu.xib window,” is it taking about the icon under “Placeholders?” As thats the only one i see to use.

Ok I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why it wasn’t working. So I removed every interface builder connection in my app and followed the guide from scratch. It works now, sorry have not idea what I did wrong the first time!

Cheers Stefan :).