Menu commands?

Because of future localization of my app, I want to use a unique command number for each item of my menus. I intend to use the “tag” field in Interface Builder, which seems to give me what I want, but:

Is it a safe practice?
Are they reserved command numbers into the Frameworks which could interfere with mine?



Xcode has included a very powerful command line tool called ibtool which can (quite) easily manage all localization issues.

Here is a brief description

Ok, seems a cool feature, I’ll certainly use it later, but this is pure interface-wide. What about my code? Should I test the title of the menu item, such as "if theMenuItem’s title as string = “Create a new folder” then…? There must be some NeXTSTEP version of this…

if many menu items respond to the same action, tags are a good solution for distinction

It’s much more convenient to have a constant descriptor for a command called via a menu item and/or via a button, to clarify the code, like:
property cmdCreateNewFolder: 100001

Thank you Stefan!