Menu Hangs in 10.4

I’m having the dickens of a time getting my menulet to respond correctly under 10.4. Works fine under 10.5 and 10.6. I’ve narrowed down the offending code, but I can’t figure out why it fubars the program. What happens is after the program runs, when I click on the menulet icon, the menu refuses to activate. Everything else about the program continues to function fine, including the onIdle bits.

I’m wondering if the reason it’s hanging depends on the speed of the computer? Perhaps it’s attempting to set the state of the buttons before the nib has finished loading? The 10.4 computer I’m testing it on is an old eMac. If that’s the case, should I attach that code to the awake from nib for the panel that houses the check boxes?

Here’s the code (the offending bit is highlighted in the will finish launching handler):

Many Thanks,

Problem fixed. Moved the problematic code from the on finished launching to the awake from nib for the panel that was being referenced.